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Latest update: CAMP 1.6.3744

Stable releases
Download CAMP 1.0.633 source.
Download CAMP 1.1.854 source.
Download CAMP 1.1.956 source.
Download CAMP 1.2.1373 source.
Download CAMP 1.3.2410 final source.
Download CAMP 1.4.2835 source.
Download CAMP 1.5.3455 source.
Download CAMP 1.5.3489 source.
Download CAMP 1.6.3744 source. *NEW 130420*

Developement releases
Download CAMP1.3-fix-beta1.2442, Only nessecary for skin developers.
Download CAMP 1.5.2888 beta1 source.
Download CAMP 1.5.3295 beta3 source.

Having troubles installing CAMP? Download this video (DivX 4) to check it out

Download acr's patch for camp 1.3/1.4, to play modules with camp.
Notice that you have to add the following lines (or something similar) to ~/.camp/camprc to make this work:
player.mod   = /usr/local/bin/mikmod
switches.mod = -q
For now you can also add ID3 tags to the modules. I don't know if it does hurt the modules, but since it's the last thing in the files, and i tried it myself, and i didn't hear any strange noises using mikmod, so it is probably safe to add tags if you want to. No songtime or such things are taken out of the modules, they can only be played. We'll work on better module support later, this is just a temporary patch.

Info files
Credits list

ANSI-VGA skin-screenshots!
Remote Control screenshots!

Developement releases
A remote-control is pretty simple to build, if you are a bit handy with the soldier stick. You need some buttons wich makes a short-circiut when pressed. View spinax drawing of how they should be put together. You can also view another scheme here.

Originally, this program wasn't even ment to be released, I just made it since the only mp3 player I had was "amp", and as we all know it's not that nice to play mp3's on the commandline. So i decided to make "amp+ag", somehow someone wanted it, and I got the idea of releasing it to the public.
I am currently trying to collect all old versions of amp+ag, wich later became much more advanced - camp. I currently only have version "0.9 fixed" :-/
Here's how the "0.9 fixed" looked like. Pretty advanced eh?
Picture of the old amp+ag
And, well, this is today: